Good luck...

If you ask someone, how did you become famous, 9 times out of 10 they are not saying it’s because they got lucky. My dad has a great saying “Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.”

I’ve lived this my whole life. Preparing for the opportunities that I know I’m going to meet. I’ve lived it, breathed it, and ultimately am the product of it to this day. The crazy part is that I find most people want the opportunities in life, but not so much the preparation.

Why? Because preparation sucks. It really does. I mean, what person do you know loves PREPARING for a vacation? Saving for months to spend it all in a week, packing the bags, making sure the tickets are taken care of, that you’ve lined up a house sitter, etc. No! What people love is the opportunity of vacation. They want to relax, not think of anything else except fun in the sun.

Unfortunately, I find too many people take this same approach to life. Newsflash: life ain’t a vacation. The opportunities you want to take will always present themselves, but if you aren’t prepared to meet them, they will just as quickly disappear.

In fighting, preparation means working out just about every day of the week. Studying my technique and critiquing it. Developing muscles I need. Recovering from painful injuries. It means grinding it out in training with or without pain until the opportunity for my next fight appears.

I challenge you to treat your life the same way I treat fighting. Know that God is going to place multiple opportunities at your doorstep. Be ready to take advantage of them. If you want to be an active person and enjoy time with your kids, get off the freakin’ couch today! If you want to earn more money, invest in educating yourself to learn more skills in your industry! If you want a better relationship with your significant other, spend time figuring out how to love him / her better!

You see the opportunities will always be there. You’ve just got to be prepared to meet them. And that my friends, is real good luck.


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